Systems XTR Dev And Max Profit Current Signals
System 1 XTR Dev QQQ Current Signal
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The XTR Dev QQQQ System alert triggers noted below are for the date shown only.
Alert triggers are updated daily and available prior to market open
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BUY (1)
As of  close June 29th, 2022
XTR Dev QQQ System Trigger
July 5th, 2022
EXIT Close Above 287.47
BUY Close Below NONE
A signal is generated if the above condition is met @ 4:00pm ET close

Below is the XTR Dev QQQQ System Chart
The XTR Dev QQQQ chart is only updated when an XTR Dev signal is triggered and before 9:00pm ET
By checking the above daily alert triggers you will know at 4:00pm ET if XTR Dev entered or exited a position
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Updated June 29th, 2022

Current Year Signals

System 2 Max Profit Current Signal
Below is the last signal issued by MAX as of the closing date shown.
This page updated only when a signal is issued and before 9:00pm ET
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As of  close June 24th, 2022


Updated June 24th, 2022

Max Profit System signaled an EXIT at  today's close.  Max Profit is now flat awaiting next signal.  System Max Profit has a year to date cummulative return of 20.86%. System max remains VERY conservative.

Current Year Signals

Standard deviation is a statistical measure of spread or variability.  It is the root mean square deviation of the values from their arithmetic mean.  The square of the standard deviaelow these lines, take the QQQQ into Extreme Deviation or outlier territory.  When the XTR Dev crosses one of these two lines, an Extreme Price Deviation has occurred.

Trading Extreme Deviation moves alone, carries a lot of risk. The XTR Dev QQQQ makes for a great tool when sizing up a position or reducing such. We measure the current performance of the XTR Dev system study analysis via the System Equity graph shown on the lower part of the above chart. As long at the System Equity graph remains above zero and in an up trend, the XTR Dev QQQQ system is performing well.  Should the trend in the System Equity graph change or worst, go below the zero line, then a major change has occurred in the way QQQQ is being traded.  If this should happen then we need to re sample the new data and re perform a statistical analysis to determine the Standard deviation as well as the new area of the outliers or Extreme Deviation prices.  Data sampling can be anywhere from three to four years.  Typically we can go many months or years without having to re sample the data.

What Do The Arrows Represent?

(1) When the XTR_Dev moves below the green parallel line, an up green arrow is placed on the price bar chart ("BUY").  Should the XTR_Dev move above the green line and fall back below the green line, a second green arrow is generated on the price bar chart ("SECOND BUY").  Only a maximum of two green arrows are allowed at any given time.

(2) When the XTR_Dev moves above the red parallel line, a white arrow is placed on the price bar chart ("EXIT")

(3) RSI could also trigger a white arrow ("PROFIT TAKING EXIT")

The XTR Dev QQQQ system only trades the long side with the objective to beat the "Buy and Hold".  

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please read Disclaimer
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